MMA Training at Shaolin 

If your a complete beginner we will teach you the fundementals of MMA eg. Fight Stance, Striking, Clinching, Wrestling, Judo & Jiu Jitsu. We try to teach our students the concepts of the techniques they are learning. After completing a beginners course they will understand & know how to gain the advantage over an attacker. They will know how to get to dominant positions on the ground, they will know submission attacks from these positions & also know how to defend standing or on the ground when they are put in bad positions/situations.
Experienced Martial Artists are welcome to join our intermediate galway mma classes & learn the more advanced techniques. They will learn to chain attacks whilst grappling, or to chain striking into wrestling into a submission. They can participate in sparring & the more competitive training drills. We do not believe in (Sparring Hard) it will not be tolerated in the Academy as it stops progression and is not benifitial to anything but the Ego. We have Pro & Amateur level Galway MMA competitors & coaches at the Shaolin MMA Galway Academy. We welcome anyone from other clubs through our doors for sparring or any extra training. Oss

MMA Coaches

Head Coach: 
Ben "son of life" Davis

Ben has been coaching Mixed Martial Arts for seven years; in 2013, he created Shaolin MMA Galway. In 3 years, Shaolin MMA Galway has trained students to winning 2 Irish MMA championships and four European Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champions. Ben himself won the advanced blue belt division, making it five medals for Shaolin MMA thus far.
Ben has a background in Amateur Boxing. He is a former Irish Sanshou Champion, European No-Gi Jiu Jitsu Champion & former CFC Pro Irish MMA Champion, a BJJ Purple Belt under Hugo Borim. He has fought some of the best MMA fighters in Europe & is still gunning for UFC Glory today.

Ollie Mannion

Ollie Mannion is a semi-pro mixed martial artist and has been involved in mixed martial arts for over 15 years. He is a qualified gym instructor, personal trainer, kettlebells instructor and nutritionist. We are delighted to have him join the team at Shaolin MMA Galway as he is an excellent teacher and athlete.

Curtis Ori-Orison

Curtis is our boxing coach & has been one of our long term students who has worked his way through the Academy to the role of MMA coach. He has a great attitude & will go out of his way to help anyone. Hes a fireman by traid so hes also a local hero. Hes also a qualified paramedic. A great addition to our Galway MMA Team!
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