mma & bjj classes
Did you know that Martial Arts has been found to be many times better than team sports in developing a childs self-esteem and confidence? And a confident kid is unstoppable!
Help your kids be Bully Proof!
We teach our "Kung Fu Kids" techniques such as:
Striking & Striking Defence, Clinching, Wrestling & Submission Holds such as Joint Locks, Chokes & how to counter force with an ulternate force 
We grade twice a year & there is also oppertunity for competitions if the kids should want to compete.
The benifits your children gain from our classes is priceless & will last them a life time. They will gain fitness, confidence, balance & most important of all SELF-RESTRAINT..... As the friendly neighbourhood hero SpiderMan says......
"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" Oss 

  • Kung Fu Kids classes take place every Monday & Thursday from 5-6pm.
  • 1 child train for €8 a class or €12 a week
  • 2 children train for €12 a class or €20 a week