Women's MMA Classes

This class involves strength and conditioning and teaches the basics and body mechanics of kicking and punching all at an upbeat pace. Our classes involves learning ground techniques like takedowns and attacks as well as self-defence for real life situations by learning the power of leverage - taking away the need for strength and allowing a smaller, weaker person to submit or finish a bigger and much stronger opponent.


Womens MMA Coach

Indra Davis is our Woman’s MMA Coach. She is wife to Coach Ben Davis.
She has won virtually every domestic medal at both white belt & blue belt in Jiu Jitsu. She won the Cork MMA Open & in her last mma outing defeating a talented fighter in Emma Mcglyne via 2nd Rnd TKO. Her classes are always fun & she is all about empowering & uniting women.
Indra is a Youth Worker also for Foróige, whom we at Shaolin do a lot of work with the Disadvantaged youth from Galway. She has helped forge a great group of female warriors we call the Shaolin Sisterhood.