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Childrens Classes:
Mon & Thu 5pm, €40 Monthly.
Children learn a mixture of kickboxing, freestylewrestling & Jiu Jitsu skills. So they can defend themselves in all areas of unarmed combat. Classes are structured & fun whilst teaching discipline, honour & respect!

Teen MMA Classes:​​​​
For Ages 13-18 Tue & Thu 6pm, €40 Monthly. Shaolin MMA Galway is a great environment for teenagers to thrive! We try to envolve, engage everyone equally & positively. Classes will be controlled, technical, fun & empowering. They will gain confidence, discipline, respect & compassion. Not to mention be able to perform high level MMA Skills. We also have one of Irelands most successful competion teams should they wish to compete in Jiu Jitsu or Teen MMA. 

Womens MMA Classes:
Wed 7pm, Thu 6pm, €40 Monthly. 
Get Fit the fun way, rather than,, the treadmill. Learn some cool skills that really work. Drill striking, Wrestling & Submission Holds. You dont need to spar & those that do are controlled. You can train for fun or competition. Its upto you... Join the #shaolinsisterhood 

Beginners MMA Classes:
Wed & Thu 7pm, €50 5week Course.
Particpants will learn striking, wrestling, ground control & submission holds(BJJ). They will partner up & drill skills until the movements become automatic & natural. The course will give you a true understanding of all areas of mma & how to put people into uncomfortable positions of control & also how to escape & avoid uncomfortable positions of control. Classes are fun & upon finishing the course you will be ready for our Regular 1pm & 8pm Classes.

MMA & BJJ Unlimited  Monthly Membership:
€65 Access to all mma & bjj classes. Timetable below.

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