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Bodywork Physicare
Bodywork Physicare

Deep tissue massage, full body massage, dry needling, ultra sound, full pain & injury consultation, acute rehabilitative exercise, cryotherapy, thermotherapy.

Shining Light Infusion

Healing for deep trauma & re-establishment of healthy DNA
Shining Light Infusions

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Bodywork Physicare tel: 087-225-72-24

Shining Light Infusions tel: 087-783-43-44

Therapy Rooms, offices to rent: Luxery Room €420 month, Standard Room €320 month, Standard Room €30 daily. Wifi, Rates, Electric, Rubbish all Free! Rooms suitable for number of uses. Kitchen, bathroom, shower.

Gym Space to rent: €15per hr before 6pm, €25per hr after 6pm, €15per hr Weekends.

To book or equire about renting call or email us today:

email: [email protected]   tel: 089-490-80-70

Therapy Room & Gym Rental